Adelaide Murphy Tyrol
I have admired Adelaide's paintings, as well as her illustrations and writing in Northern Woodlands magazine, for years. Asking her to work with us on a series of infographics for Biodiversity Research Institute about the threats to loons was a game-changer for RavenMark. Not only were Adelaide's paintings amazing, she actually joined BRI's loon biologists in Yellowstone National Park to experience their work first hand. That is the dedication and skill we have learned to expect from Adelaide. We are thrilled to have her as part of our team.

Rick Powell
Rick came to our rescue recently for a publication for Harvard Forest, Voices from the Land. We needed an illustrator who could produce five complicated illustrations depicting various scenarios for New England in 2060, depending on which land-use trend was enacted. Not only did Rick need to wrap his head around these scenarios but he needed to understand the science behind each trend, do the work quickly, and finish on budget. He didn't disappoint. Rick's illustrations can be viewed at
 Check out the report at

Judy Thurlow
Judy has worked with RavenMark over the years on various publications, from large books to small brochures. She has more than twenty years of editing experience in such disparate publications as scientific journals, encyclopedic tomes, world history texts, young adult fiction, and general interest magazines, including Vermont Life magazine, Green Builder magazine, and Vermont Sports magazine. Judy recently accepted an editing position with the Vermont Legislative Council, but we are assured we can still call on her to lend both editing and proofreading skills as needed. Whew.

John Snell
John and RavenMark first worked together when he was a founding partner at The Snell Group, an infrared thermography company. The Snell Group hired us to rebrand their company, including logo, all publications, and website. Since retiring in 2010 John has had the time to focus more on his photography, fully converting to a digital format and working to share more of it through shows and exhibits, especially those based in the Central Vermont community in which he has lived for more than forty years.  John delights in finding the small abstract gems in life, whether in reflections in water, the beauty of rocks, or the green world of plants. We are fortunate to have him on our team. 

Rob Spring
Rob is an exceptional photographer of more than thirty years and was also a partner at The Snell Group. As with John, our first connection with Rob was through The Snell Group rebranding process that RavenMark provided. Since those days, I have come to know Rob and appreciate his exquisite photography. I have called on Rob to help with photos and prints of my own artwork and also to help with projects such as the local library's capital campaign and the T.W. Wood Gallery's outreach materials. He is always willing to step in and help as needed. 

 Jeb Wallace-Brodeur
Jeb is the head photographer at the Times Argus newspaper in Barre, Vermont. As such, he seems to be everywhere, at all times of the day and night, capturing events in our community in a way that go beyond typical journalistic photography. We have called on Jeb to do photo shoots for everything from boards of directors to farm gleaning programs. The expression “a picture is worth a thousand words” describes Jeb’s work perfectly.

David Goodman
We were hired to design a book documenting the Vermont State House’s history and restoration, entitled An Intimate Grandeur, written by David Schutz and Nancy Graff. The color of the drapes or the etched detail in a lit lamp was critical. David Goodman came on board to help optimize the images and ensure that the reproductions were as accurate and beautiful as possible. When he was spotted roaming the halls of the State House and making notes about floor grate details we knew we were in good hands. Check out some sample pages here: