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"As we shift our focus to helping students develop 'transferable,' 21st century skills, we find that there's no better place to do that than in the forest."
– Cathy Newton, Principal, Queechee, Vermont

A Forest Days Handbook

Eliza Minnucci and Meghan Teachout are elementary school educators that were inspired to bring their students outside one day a week, year-round, to experience the forest. Working with David Sobel and Antioch New England's Nature-Based Early Childhood Education program, they developed a curriculum that they plan to share with schools throughout the Northeast. We were hired to design and produce a 68-page perfect bound book. Green Writer's Press came on board to help with distribution, and Villanti Printers joined the team to create a beautifully-printed publication.

Working with Eliza and David was a treat. They brought to the table a passion for the natural world they wanted their students (and educators) to experience. They also wanted their book to be beautiful and inspiring. I was able to contribute not only design help but some illustrations as well. The end result is a book that we hope will transform the learning day for not only young children but for the educators that are seeking a new and inspiring way to teach.