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“I am THRILLED with the results of our newsletter and other materials. We now understand the importance of rebranding work. Thanks for helping make CVHS look and sound so good and please add us to your long list of successes!!”

˜ Mary Taylor, CVHS Executive Director

Central Vermont Humane Society

Linda and I have rescue animals so when the Central Vermont Humane Society asked us to help them with branding and communications, we jumped at the opportunity like a dog for a biscuit.The organization was in the midst of a fresh start with a new building, new leadership, and new vision. CVHS’s core brand identity is a vision of creating a humane community.Translating this into a visual identity and a communication outreach strategy started with the newsletter. Work with the staff resulted in a publication that is well-organized, contains substantive information the community can use, and looks terrific. The redesign of the newsletter and the development of other materials that carry the message has not only yielded more donations but has brought greater community participation thus making a vision of a humane community into a reality.